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International Curricular Activities

In this fast moving age where boundaries of the world are compressing into a global village - students need to be given exposure of what awaits them in the world. Many internal trips, courtesy of partnerships & initiatives, have been arranged for students over the years. Few such programs are detailed below:

  • Globe Program: OPF Girls College is an active member of the Globe Program, which is a worldwide hands-on science and education program focussing on the Environment. Globe works in close partnership with NASA, NOAA and NSF Earth System Science Projects (ESSP's). The college's Principal Ms. Shahina Masood is the Assistant Country Coordinator of the Globe Program, and the school's students have actively participated in the Program's activities including measurement of atmospheric and hydrology data on daily and monthly basis, and celebration of Ozone Day and Earth Day with performances and outdoor activities. Performances and activities to create awareness about environment conservation

  • Berkshire Activity Course: Berkshire Activity course isorganized by Berkshire Training Services. They specialize in running a variety of English Language and Activity Courses in UK throughout the year for students under 18 and above. Students of OPF Girls College attended the Berkshire activity Course, an eight-day course which included day trips to the historic university town of Oxford and guided tours to London.
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